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Yes, this is Is X

Yes, It Nas`Troe'nie
Ves'na - Nachal'o - When K`Leto'chki Za`zhgu't'sya
Vy're'zhem of Hearts O'blak'o
Raz'vernёm K'lub'o'ch'kom K'rov - From Min'o'tavrov V'y] 'We are looking for move
Za'byv'aya La'b'irin't'ovy U'zor
Run Ot'tuda Where Po'zor
And I'schem Lav'o'voe Prize '-' knowledge
I Zna'yu - And Im'e'yu E't'ot P'ri'z in Se'be
O'n Do'sta'ne't'sya Only You.

Gift and It Tro'e-Tsar'stv'ie
Where One Ko'rol U'prav'lyaet and S'tran'oy
And Go'su''dar'stv'om and Derzha'voy
A Od'noy
Derev'v'ney - U'prav'lyayut Three Mon'arha
And every - Sta'net Ko'rol'ёm
A Ko'rol Sta'n'et Im'per'a'tor'om
When Pri'y'dёt I'm'pera'tri'tsa
T'o'gda V'se T'ri Li'tsa
Sol'yu'tsya in Zer'ka'le in O'd'no
And U'z'naem Where T'u't D'no
Ot'tolk'nёm'sya From Neg'o
and Po'le't'im. On S'vet!

And V'o'krug Lun'y, V'okrug Soln'tsa and Plan'net
Nash'i Lin'ii Po'lёta - we know best, the Hundred Years
As MiG-and House Pro'leteli
We V'z'leteli - Bol'she not P'om'nyat Ni'chego People
They P'os'tro'ya't K'o'gda-ni'bud Za'v'od
Where Bu'd'ut pro'davat igr'u'shki
With Znak'om'y'mi We Im'e'nami
This V'o't, za'v'o'd igr'u'sh'k'i - t'ri chas'a
I Mog'u po'dar'it them Ba''t'are''y'ku
But not um''e'yu''t Vkl'yu'chat Her)
On'a in Their Te'l'e
Here On'a - Oh Bёt'sya
Kof'em Raz'g''on'ya'yu''t My's'l not S'e'r'dtse
A Vin'o li'sh s'blizh'a'et Ko'r'a'bli
All Et'o Z'na'em M'y.
All E't'o I Dar'yu Te'be.

You Vy'kid'y'vay S'me`l'o
I Ras`kin'`u G`roz'y
And Ruk`'i Mo`'i Nay'du`'t D`'lya Teb`'ya Si'ya'yu'sch`'ie Roz`'y
and tsvet'`ty.
ko'n''e''ch'no same.
you know,
what's next.


суббота, 8 июня 2013 г.

Kids running in a thunderstorm

Razplelis flowers thunderstorms
,,, in the vines hanging in the sun,
Passed their rain
,,, eternal beloved
, and love
, baked Solar Heat
Ash or ash?
Perhaps this thought before,
Kids running in a thunderstorm:


Was in the nature, in communion with the spirits, the moment
I (once again, but as always - the new)
with a bang - felt the full bez'Smysl'-industry
human lives,
in the womb of space
natural, feelings, I
saw a total unimportance
everyday, human:
wake up, read something, watch TV,
eat, to shove a bio-mass, bio-drink zhidskostyu,
run for a bus, wait, work, relax, have fun,
fall in love kiss laugh cry sow water
Collect die born doubt draw
killing blow to break the build store
do not forget to know, learning to learn to know
strive, strive to get drunk
or simply, live, live, live
where all of this? it turns out,
is, where, why ...

in a collective sense.,


Now, what is the meaning of life, without exaggeration,
in the collective self-consciousness.

Culture is the environment in which they live human self-belief - the environment in which it exists, and the environment in which it develops.
All of the above, and much of that, what is not so easy to remember - only the supporting poles, cables, bearings, for the foundation, which is our human, culture.
We learn, remember, pass on knowledge,
[Although of course mainly invent]
dealing with the environment, nature, and other
This way we create this environment
culture, which is evident
in a completely different, but
quite clearly transmit
the general concept of culture things:
Sports, music, newspapers, books, television,
with all its ramifications and parts
Folk festivals, holidays, religion, dance,
Riots (!), Rallies, riots,
Games, jokes, and just doing science
"A pleasant pastime"
coupled with alcoholic gatherings of old friends
or marijuana smoking on the balcony,
not to mention the sacrament of sacraments muhomornyh
or even - your, personal, peace in the head,
- All part of the culture,

this is
that gives us happiness.
Communion to the general,
communication, and - in the case of the creation of the culture - the occupation of art (creation \ making music, sculpture, painting, dancing, writing texts, etc.) - this communion with the divine realm of the Universe
active creative process
our original Desire - Create!

for we are all co-creators of God's children.

So that, our collective sense of life - there is a culture,
All of these "wake up, drink coffee, eat fish, smoking a cigarette on the run, standing on the subway to work at work, eating noodles, cocoa, escape from work, meet friends, watch football, go home and listen to music, smoke in the ceiling, sleep, wake up, make love, wake up, drink coffee ... " apply to "meet friends", "watch football", "listening to music", but in part "to smoke at the ceiling" - if smoking is a thought process.

Oh, and of course the same, "make love."

It's just do the best thing you can do.
Of course, I shirokm sense:
When you start watching (\ do) Love [You],
The whole world just changed,
and culture, as a collective sense of life (and I have not said about the way indivindualny, but nothing about him you can not say even that), it is, it is not necessary.

Crutches against the wings.

Make love, she craves it.


The hardest part - the finest -
the worst thing - the most worthy -
very simple - the most useless -
the finest - and most important:
-I release ... 

Самое сложное - самое прекрасное - 
самое ужасное - самое достойное - 
самое простое - самое никчёмное - 
самое тонкое - и самое важное:

I call thee all thy Names.

I call thee all thy Names.
And with a soft, loving, and [not] Patience - at times,
And remembering our eternal purposes, calm down S'Nami
Yes coming up with new frets, I sing all thy name
I do not touch the same myself, but come into contact with your name,
Thus was born the game, the game becomes so us
you - an eternity, the field of light, the house of heaven
burning wave of the seas and oceans,
invisible pen, which has a weight
balancing on the sounds of drums
The smell of the shadows after the drinking of willow-herb
ease in body and mind - always - in early May
soft tube in the proboscis butterfly drinking from me sweat
and a sense of inner thunder, the sky is decided by worries
The Way of Tea from the heavens to the bottom of the cup
Forest dreams - in a city where there is no sleep
And the songs, sagas, fairy tales, with no end
From there, where love is alive
where there is one moon
name and the name of tides - a wave,
name - burning wood, I'mya
- When I look at zekralo,
And when you look in the mirror,
and [not] see that On'i always reflect
and \ or what they are - reflect - sometimes
Name - The music echoes that of the heart beat
Name cold but the heat - the heat.
From the east to the light and during the day
all names - ya'v'leni'ya sing \ know \ I hear.
I know for sure - all of your names.
You're just in the colors - the eternal soul
And there is one name
: You, My Love,
Is woven from Duh'A,
And the Spirit of the one-this one - I am.
I call you all, thy name,
Plum fruit, and warm rains
themselves between heaven and earth, bridges,
the image of the empty looms: void \ silence
stonovitsya us suddenly;
And I link, heavenly keys.
doors for endless halls.
People are coming and going, dying cities
Rains come and go, admiring these mountains.
And the dim light of the memorial
And the smoke of a cigarette-ash
And the inevitable day
Once the data:
Name: The coming dawn!
I call you, and you hear mja
For I know how to call you.

(I, Pet Goat) Heliofant ART

"Suddenly, it's a terrific Lilies awareness,
it's not her apple
it belongs to someone else "

(I, Pet Goat) Heliofant